25 ‑ 28 Mar 2021 (everyday) 10am ‑ 8pm (10 hours)

Art of Nature is proud to present “Abstract• Distance”, a group exhibition featuring the works of 3 acclaimed artists: To Lap Shing, Ho Siu Chung and Cang Yuan. Cordially invite you to join us for the VIP Preview on Wednesday, 24th March, 3-8pm and the opening reception on Thursday, 25th March, 5:30pm. The exhibition can be viewed at Exhibition Gallery, 7/F High Block, Hong Kong City Hall until 28th March.
Most individuals would reflexively assure, seek, and repose to their sense of existence due to the drastical change in social environment, especially for those who live in the ever-changing life of Hong Kong. “Distancing” is the best state of mind for artists in a complex and impetuous situation. It is a way to freely switch between life and creation, and a way to express their status of life. Through their works, artists are often able to separate themselves temporarily from daily life, and think about the social circumstances, to express the era and oneself in their unique artistic language. Echoing to the theme, 3 artists coincidentally distance away from both the eastern and western art essence, and space. Exploring the relationship between the oneself and external by art. Led by intuition, To has been exploring the feeling and experience of the all sorts of painting materials. He reinterprets Vincent Van Gogh's works from the perspective of a contemporary artist, adding new colors and symbols to the works of the 19th century. In the “Peking Opera” series, he uses contemporary visual symbols to express quintessence of Chinese culture. While in the “Abstract” series, To even tries to create color blocks or lines intersecting in seemingly random logic, always producing a implicit and quiet taste of ambiguous interest and chaotic thinking. Ho Siu Chung's works are depicted in abstract expressionism. Yet, his art shows both Western and Eastern themes and cultures. The confluence of traditional Chinese ink painting and the Western expressionism are distinct and yet complementary. He paints with no reservation or representation of nature but with the impression and perception of the environment familiar to us.His painting is constructed in pure form and simple language, hovered between abstraction and nature, giving the viewers a poetic space to realize their imagination. Cang Yuan delivers his attitude and pursuits in his works through his life experience. Cang's works present a bizarre, phantom-like landscape with gorgeous colors, fuzzy outlines and poetic languages. Influenced by Francis Bacon, the "space" Cang creates in his works breaks through the framework and gives it a sense of "infinity". At the same time, he fuses the heroic temperament of Northwest Chinese with the Western contemporary abstraction, paying tribute to the glorious civilization of the Tang and Song Dynasties. His painting has reached the realm of "poetry within painting.”