29 May ‑ 25 Jul 2021 (everyday) 11am ‑ 8pm (9 hours)
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“To translate natures beauty and evoke inner peace”

A connection with nature is the focus of my exhibition. Two of my painting series, “Study of Clouds” and “Snowy Mountainscapes”, will be displayed at Wabi Sabi Coffee Kissa.

My postcards will be sold for $30 each. To raise awareness about the impact of Global Warming on nature, I am donating 100% of my postcard sales to an environmental organization. As the environment becomes more polluted, it will be harder to see the sky, and as the temperature rises, snow will stop falling.

Snowy Mountainscape | Original Paintings
With the hectic pace of Hong Kong, I dream of the winter seasons in Whistler, where there are ethereal views of glittering white mountains. Snowboarding down the slope, my senses pick up the crisp evergreen scent of pine, with the enveloping warmth of the sun’s rays contrasting the gushes of icy winds. Through my painting, you are invited to escape from city life to the beauty of mountainscape.

Study of Clouds | Original Paintings
Gazing at the blossoming clouds that adorn the sky, a sense of peacefulness and serenity overflows me. The gradual shift in shapes and hues diffuses the bustle of city life to a soft sanguine sweetness. I hope my cloud paintings bring you to an oasis of calmness and inspire you to appreciate the modest beauty of clouds floating above you. Life can be simple, you just have to look up.

Artist Bio
Karen H.Y Fong was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Vancouver, where she majored in both Interior Design & Graphic Design. Her passion for art and design has expanded in recent years. She loves photography and is exploring different art mediums such as watercolour, gouache, and oil painting.

Karen’s time in Canada fostered her love for nature, especially when she spent her winters snowboarding down the mountains and cruising through the trees. After returning to the busy streets of Hong Kong, she misses the peace and serenity of Canadian nature.
Karen’s works are inspired by the beauty of natural landscapes: clouds and mountains. Using gouache, the tranquil and picturesque narratives she paints emerge from her desire to translate nature’s beauty and to evoke inner peace in audiences.