28 Jun ‑ 28 Aug 2021 (except Sun) 9am ‑ 7pm (10 hours)
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"Tête-Bêche" originally refers to joined pair of stamps in which one is upside-down in relation to the other. They are rare and valuable. Once separated, they immediately become ordinary. Referencing from this idea, "Tête-Bêche" is an exhibition of artist Ryan San looking back at life.

The exhibition has a total of 27 pieces of two-dimensional works and 2 pieces of three-dimensional works, all of which were created between 2020 and 2021. Through the exhibition, Ryan reveals and explores different relationships between people.

About the Artist

Ryan San is a Hong Kong artist who uses painting as his key form of medium. With conceptual art as a foundation, coupled with surreal fantasy, Ryan’s works are not only close to life but transcend life.

He is also active in the fields of design, performance, fashion and pop art. He specializes at integrating his creation into life and brands. He collaborates with different international brands and launches numerous cross-over projects with fashion brands. His works are collected by celebrities and multinational organizations. Ryan is associated with various large organizations, not only was he invited by the Malaysian royal family to exhibit, but was also invited by the Hong Kong Government to perform.

* In view of the continued impact of the coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong, in order to ensure the safety of the organizer and participants, all guests taking part in the guided tour must cooperate with the venue's preventive arrangements, such as the measuring of body temperature and masks wearing. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.