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「拾」是感知與觸動、是知性的探索、是彎腰拾穗的堅持、亦是頓悟前擁抱過的曾經。將「8」換個角度,就變成無限之 「∞」。我們 拾捌 位藝術文學碩士生於中文大學相知相交,觸碰到藝術無窮的力量。

於驟變的時代裏,我們毋忘拾回如白紙的自身,握住對創作的熱誠。藝術的桴舟上,願種下的種子,能幻化成「∞」 — 無限、無盡、永恆。

The Chinese character ‘拾’, may refer to sense and touch, the pursuit of the intellect, the picking up in faith, and the embrace before letting go.
‘8’ from another angle can be seen as ∞, the symbol of infinity. We, 1∞ unique souls of the MAFA programme in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, were constantly inspired and have experienced enormous strength in our journey of art.
On the path of unknown in this ever-changing era, let us pick up the blankness we used to be, and hold on to our passion. Best wishes to the 1∞ graduates: to sail across the ocean of art and become the infinite ∞.