8 ‑ 9 Jan 2022 (everyday) 7:30 ‑ 10:25pm (2 hours 55 minutes)
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Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop

Floral Princess 65 Years | A series of 9 events
Write on, as THE tribute to YAM-PAK-TONG

ArenA | The 6th Staging
HON Seon was praised as the god of war, winning every battle! Traces his footprints in his final 24 hours. When the two met face to face, would the god of death spare the god of war?

Directors-General: Joe CHAN, IP Ka-po
Producer: Maurice LAI
Director: Rex NG
Co-playwrights: Rex NG, CHEUNG Kwan-hin
Music Design: Lee Che-Yi
Setting Design: Bill CHEUNG
Lighting Design: Claudia CHAN
Sound Consultant: Temple HO

Main Cast:HONG Hai, Susanna CHENG, LI Pui-yan, LIU Kwok-sum, FU Shu-wang, LIANG Xiaofei, MO Hua-min
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