22 Oct ‑ 6 Nov 2021 (everyday)

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’Reel to Reel Film Heritage’ is the annual programme of Reel to Reel Institute, which rediscovers rarely seen films and showcases restored titles, with thematic programmes in aspects of film history, technical developments and historical context in Asia. This year's programme will explore the cinematic works of the internationally renowned artist, Ho Fan (1931-2016). This is the first retrospective of him in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and most of the selected films are rarely seen locally. A programme brochure of Ho Fan’s oral history, Filmography and researchers’ articles will be also published and available at the screening venues in due course.

As for Ho’s nearly 30 cinematic works, many of the negatives and screening copies are lost since they are mostly produced by independent companies. Some of the existing films are either damaged or sole copies, making circulation difficult and their artistic value neglected. With this first ever retrospective of Ho Fan in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the search for the films’ source is already challenging in its own right. Most films in our selection have been rarely screened locally. One of the films, 𝘓𝘰𝘴𝘵 (released in France in 1970, co-directed with Sun Po-ling), was a holy grail of sorts after it was thought to be lost for years. Fortunately, we have found the sole surviving print and commissioned the digitisation, letting it appear on the screens of Hong Kong once again.
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