21 Oct ‑ 1 Nov 2021 (except Tue) noon ‑ 7pm (7 hours)
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There would be nothing left after centuries, every existence in this universe is just temporary.
Growth —— Whether it is human, nature or cities, in the journey of evolution, despite how rapid the changes are, it will always leave traces. However, no matter how hard you tried, how unforgettable the process was, in this timeline, you are only a tiny particle, no matter how great you are. After centuries, your moment would slowly fade away as time goes by.
To: the ones living in the moment.

Artist Chan Po Fung used 3 metal works/exhibits to link the exhibition, using craftsmanship to document sound; while sound document the city; on the other hand, using urban development to further explore the heritage of craftsmanship, express the diversity of craftsmanship, documenting/capturing the moment and responds the possibility of ‘craftsmanship’ and ‘craftsmanship as a media of art’ through the exhibits.