11 Dec 2021 ‑ 2 Jan 2022 (every Sun, Thu to Sat) 2pm (instant)
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This exhibition is prefaced by Grave of the Fireflies (1988), a Japanese animated film. If reality replicates the post-contemporary narrative of the film, what possibilities could be unraveled?

The film is set in Japan during the Second World War. After the firebombing incident in Kobe, male protagonist Seita Yokokawa escapes with his younger sister Setsuko Yokokawa. In times of war, Setsuko finds hope from a tin of sakuma drops. These candies eventually become the only piece of sweet memory for Seita to hold onto after his sister’s death. This exhibition engages with nostalgic games from old Hong Kong, filling the exhibition space with candies.

Flowers are blooming. Time to take a picture!