21 Jan ‑ 30 Apr 2022 (except Sun) 9am ‑ 7pm (10 hours)
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In the past two years, the world struggled with the pandemic of Covid-19. Perhaps it is due to the several lockdowns Hong Kong experienced that led to an increase in interest and participation of printmaking, particularly from younger locals. Due to the influx, Marble Print & Clay is able to support and work with more emerging local printmaking artists.

This year, the creations and stories of more than 20 local artists are on display. Printing is an art that tests one’s willpower and skill. Each work is a challenge, often involving long production timelines. The insistence of fine quality to the very last detail is a value that Marble Print & Clay proudly uphold to the tradition of printmaking.

Participating artists
An Gee Chan, Avery Lau, Charmaine Leung, Chiva Leung, Christina Suen, David Jasper Wong, Erika Shiba, Glary Wu, Glo Chan, Jacky Cheung, Janice Kee, Jay Lau, Jeannie Wong, Jennifer Yue, Justin Larkin, Kylie Chung, Lam Lok San, Li Ning, Marion Decroocq, Michelle Fung, Nicolas Ho, Vincent Wong

* In view of the continued impact of the coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong, in order to ensure the safety of the organizer and participants, all guests taking part in the guided tour must cooperate with the venue's preventive arrangements, such as the measuring of body temperature and masks wearing. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.