8 ‑ 10 Sep 2022 (everyday) 7:30 ‑ 8:15pm (45 minutes)
8 ‑ 9 Sep 2022 (everyday) 9 ‑ 9:45pm (45 minutes)
10 ‑ 11 Sep 2022 (everyday) 2 ‑ 2:45pm (45 minutes)
10 ‑ 11 Sep 2022 (everyday) 3:30 ‑ 4:15pm (45 minutes)
11 Sep 2022 (Sun) 5:30 ‑ 6:15pm (45 minutes)

An Interactive Dance Performance

Dance artist Zelia ZZ Tan invites the audience to become co-creators in a multisensory, interactive dance adventure. Blending live performance, improvisation, motion-capture, projections and AR, the experience explores motion through a variety of physical and virtual dimensions.

As dance artists move about the venue, audience-participants follow hints and complete a series of simple tasks. Gradually the boundaries between spectator, performer and real and animated movement become blurred, with fragmented gestures transformed into a cohesive, co-created whole.
This programme is part of Freespace’s “Phygital D”.

Direction & Choreography: Zelia ZZ TAN
Dance Artists: TSANG Wing-fai*, LAU Pak-hong, Esther CHAN Hoi-ming
Guest Dance Artists: Karina CURLEWIS^, Match CHEUNG⁺
Game Designer: YANG Jing
Avatar Designer: ZHANG Tian
3D Modelling and Animation Designer: Daniel LIU
Interation Designer: Joseph WATSON
Composer and Sound Designer: Step IP
Sound Engineer: AK KAN
Costume Designer: Perpetua IP
Lighting Designer: Lawmanray
AR Designer: Tristan BRAUD
Virtual Camera Designer: ZHANG Tian-yi
Web AR Designer: Guido STUCH
Avatar Adviser: Royce NG
Technical Adviser: Adrian YEUNG
Advisers: CHEUNG Fai, Gilles JOBIN
Observers: Melissa LEUNG, William WONG, Catherine YAU

*With the kind permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
^8 Sept 7:30pm and 9:00pm only
⁺10 Sept 3:30pm and 7:30pm only
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