6 Jul 2022 (Wed) 7:30 ‑ 8:40pm (1 hour 10 minutes)
10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

BACH | The Art of Fugue
When Johannes Sebastian Bach penned his monumental The Art of Fugue, he wished to write down everything he knew about the pinnacle of the art—strict organization of melodic lines that appealed both to mathematical and aesthetic perfection. This was his last work. Bach has not specified which instruments to play the work, so there existed a lot of renditions in history. In this unique occasion, HK Phil musicians will play a selection of contrapunctus with four trombones. Given the historic connection of trombone in religious occasion, The Art of Fugue will shine with solemnity and awe-inspiring glory.
The concert runs approximately 70 minutes without intermission.

Kevin Thompson, trombone
Jarod Vermette, trombone
Christian Goldsmith, trombone
Aaron Albert, bass trombone

Venue Partner
Tai Kwun

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