5 ‑ 27 Jul 2022 (except Mon) 11am ‑ 1pm (2 hours)
5 ‑ 27 Jul 2022 (except Mon) 2 ‑ 7pm (5 hours)
香港筲箕灣東大街17號成昌樓 2/F
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About the Exhibition
Time defines the human order. Our ancestors invented tools and systems for the measurement of time; standards of managing activities and as a medium for interpretation of our very own existence. With such a unit of insight and inference, we built tension as we venture across borders, into the void and towards the great beyond.

Apart from the lightness and heaviness brought to many of us by Kundera, artists have come to realize the push and pull, physical mechanics, psychiatric hallucinations and other unknown forces.

<Day Day to Day Day> presents to you the creation of 10 artists with the thoughts, observations in our daily lives, and reflections of the life they accumulated over time.

Curate by Hong Wah & Kwan Siu Yu
Featuring: Fok Pak Hin, Issac Wong Hong Tik, Kimmy Tam, Lau Ching Hei, Li Tsz Mei, Mui Hoi Ying, Tsz Chung Taylor Chan, Yeung Lok Yiu, Hong Wah, Kwan Siu Yu
Venue provided by Grotto Fine Art

​* Please take the lift on the left of the building

Opening and Performance: 3pm 9 July (Sat) ; Guide Tour by the artists: Same Day at 4pm