24 Jun ‑ 14 Jul 2022 (everyday)
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MTR Hong Kong Station will present the “HKTB x MTR ARTour of West Kowloon” exhibition where passengers can appreciate the cultural and artistic features of the new and old areas of the West Kowloon neighborhood. This exhibition is an extension of the community art exhibition "Journey to West Kowloon" co-organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts of the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK).

Passengers can enjoy a series of artworks created by students of EdUHK at Hong Kong Station’s
Central Subway (paid area next to Exit/Entrance C). The art pieces aim to promote the rich cultural features and vibrant artwork of the West Kowloon community, as well as encourage public to rediscover the community from a new perspective.

The highlighted artwork in the exhibition is “Man + People = ?” which is a newly created large-
scale wall painting incorporating elements of the MTR and the West Kowloon neighbourhood. Its creative concept comes from the idea that every journey is an element in building up people’s relationship. In the painting, an MTR train travels between the iconic and traditional landmarks of the neighborhood, including the Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market and Temple Street archway to show that MTR connectsto people’s daily lives and creates manypossibilities for the community.

The other four exhibits present West Kowloon from the students’ perspectivesthrough different art forms. Created by film-passionate students, “Filmo-Metro” using a collage depicting local movie scenes that were filmed in the neighbourhood, showing a contrast between the past and the present in the district.

Another artwork “Journey to Yau Ma Tei” is a traditional Chinese ink-and-wash painting illustrating the landscape of West Kowloon. The painting focuses on a variety of historical buildings and traditional shops that showcases the inner beauty of the long-established community and even includes some funny scenes such as Guan Yu killing a cockroach.

“Our Neighbour” created by traditional wood panel carving and printing techniques, arranged in an hourly sequence and with also yearly changes, introduces the antique architecture of the neighbourhood and expresses the traces of time.

Moreover, made up by vintage vinyl records and record sleeves, the artwork “Spotlight” uses different colours to outline the shops and buildings in the neighbourhood and offer a sneak peak of the other side of the urban life by filters, allowing the audience to uncover the unequalled community spirit in the neighbourhood.

Apart from the exhibition at Hong Kong Station, large-scale posters depicting West Kowloon images are also on display in the Yau Ma Tei Station concourse and Jordan Station platform till 7 July. Visitors can also scan a QR code on the exhibitsto learn more about the artistic landmarks along the West Kowloon neighbourhood.