18 ‑ 26 Feb 2023 (every Sun, Sat) 12:15 ‑ 4:45pm (4 hours 30 minutes)

#ImmersivePerformance #MagicalMysteryDelivery

the unassuming delivery worker is a fixture in our routines and on some days perhaps our only human contact. at all hours of the day we are connected by items that remain a mystery during transit. arts delivery 2.0 reverses the roles; a silent protagonist is entrusted to you, and together you embark on a magical journey in which you cross paths with its keen recipient.

what connection is hidden in your delivery item? every item tells a unique tale at its destination. you must complete the performance by placing it into the right hands.

https://www.facebook.com/FartforU IG: @poartstudio.mo

arts delivery 2.0
18(sat)-19(sun); 25(sat)-26(sun).2.2023
12:15 pm – 4:45 pm
tai kwun site-wide
each delivery will take approx. 15 minutes

* walk-in registration
* you will need your smart phone

follow @hkaf.at.taikwun on https://www.facebook.com/hkaf.at.taikwun and https://instagram.com/hkaf.at.taikwun for the latest news.

creative / production team
concept / direction:sam leong son-u (macao)
co-writer:gary ng ka-wai (macao)
image design:julia koo mei-ling (hong kong)
executive producer:connie ao ieong pui-san (macao)
project coordinator:lai sim-fong (hong kong)

local performers:
chan wing-yip
yoyo wing
chiu chin-hei
chow man-chung
joycine ho hon-yi
jason lee
pang chi-hin
halen mory woo

arts delivery, originally created by ku ieng-un and leong son-u, was premiered at the 20th macao city fringe festival organised by the cultural affairs bureau of the macao s.a.r.

arts delivery 2.0 is a new hong kong arts festival commission
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