25 ‑ 26 Feb 2023 (everyday) 7:30 ‑ 9pm (1 hour 30 minutes)

#HybridTheatrePerformance #ZoomMatrix #InclusiveArt #Improvisations

premiered at the 31st macao arts festival in 2021 featuring an ensemble of neurodivergent performers from macao and switzerland, the never-ending task of lust for failure is an attempt to allow theatre to grow out of the playful pleasure of failure, out of pauses, insecurities and dead ends. in drawing from that which has failed, adventurous endeavours and dramatic improvisations are celebrated.

this macanese-swiss collaboration started rehearsals at the same time that the pandemic hit the world in 2020. while other artists may feel restricted about rehearsing via zoom, this ensemble turned technology such as tablets into tools to unleash their personal stories, ideas and desires; and projected the most personal onto a larger-than-life screen as a zoom-like matrix.

combining live theatre, music and technological gadgets, this is an empowering experiment for both the stage and the audience, and failure is just as much a component as success.

the never-ending task of lust for failure
7:30 pm
parade ground
duration: approx. 1.5 hours

presented with hong kong sign language interpretation and audio description in cantonese.
wheelchair seats will be provided upon request.

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creative / production team
jenny mok sin-teng | comuna de pedra (macao)
michael elber | company weinheimer/elber (switzerland/germany)

inês kuan (macao)
lam weng-ian (macao)
chris weinheimer (germany)
carl ludwig hübsch (germany)

mak peng-hong (macao)
ngai tong-loi (macao)
tang kuai-lan (macao)
tam kai-kei (macao)
hoi ka-sin (macao)
lou mei-ian (macao)
mak ka-pui (macao)
sou io-hou (macao)
sara hess (switzerland)
remo beuggert (switzerland)
cécile creuzburg (switzerland)

stage manager:lei weng-kit (macao)
deputy stage manager:tong si-man (macao)

assistant stage managers:
chao man-wai (macao)
lok man-lon (macao)

lighting designer:teng ka-man (macao)
producer:wong weng-si (macao)
project coordinator: scarlette cheng (hong kong)

acknowledgement: arts with the disabled association hong kong
partner: association of parents of the people with intellectual disabilities of macao
premiered at the 31st macao arts festival organised by the cultural affairs bureau of the macao s.a.r
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