18 Jan ‑ 11 Feb 2023 (except Sun) 9am ‑ 7pm (10 hours)
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"The World Greatest" was previously used as content of a calendar product for 2020. Viewers can stay right at home and enjoy swimming in the ocean along with all kinds of marine life. The calendar contains a variety of marine life, ranging from the longest, the heaviest, the fastest... The series aims to show a diversified and flourishing side of the ocean. In addition, some anecdotes and information about various marine life are compiled to add a little bit of educational element to the work.

In order to add some sense of freshness, we try to add some visual elements on the basis of digital drawing, such as traditional Chinese painting, installation art, sculpture and collage, etc. We hope that the work can present a different aspect under the new arrangement.

The entire exhibition is divided into three parts - namely "Sparkling" with elements of traditional Chinese painting, sculpture, and collage; "Shuttle Back and Forth" is composed of multiple layers of glass and stickers; and "King of the Ocean – Fun Facts", which is highly informational.

About the Artist

The inspiration of Seika Studio’s creations is all from nature, we hope to create a time out for hard-working people with a little bit of green and adorable wild animals.

We love to infuse the eastern and western cultures and art styles into our artworks, so whenever you are enjoying our art pieces, it is also like a detective game for you that you can connect all the dots to make the implication visible.


* In view of the continued impact of the coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong, in order to ensure the safety of the organizer and participants, all guests taking part in the guided tour must cooperate with the venue's preventive arrangements, such as the measuring of body temperature and masks wearing. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.