13 ‑ 26 Feb 2023 (everyday)
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From February 2023, Fashion X AI: 2022-2023 International Salon programme will showcase diverse AI empowered design solutions via a touring exhibition with venues in Hong Kong and London.

The interactive exhibition will include the diverse works of international and local creative innovation practitioners.

Featured works include:
• AI-based Interactive Design Assistant for Fashion (AiDA)
• AI & Couture
• AI & Ergonomics
• Intelligent Design System for Innovation
• Intelligent Textiles

Titled Fashion X AI: Touring Exhibition, the event is presented by the Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence in Design (AiDLab) under the sponsorship of Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. AiDLab is committed to establishing a new creative cluster of AI in design and is in a leading position internationally to conduct interdisciplinary research that drives innovation and sustainability, and makes a positive impact on both industry and society. Through collaboration with interdisciplinary professionals, including AI research and development teams and fashion and textile industries, AiDLab will bring its AI based creative innovations and its applications to all over the world.

Explore and interact with the latest AI enhances technology inventions that pushes the boundaries of design and technology.