29 Apr ‑ 8 Jul 2023 (except Sun) 9am ‑ 7pm (10 hours)
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update: 28/06/2023
Great news for those who have not yet visited the exhibition! Thanks to an overwhelming response, Candid Reflections – Roy Cheng Solo Exhibition, is extended to 8 July, 2023!

Whilst we are flooded by a vast amount of information daily, and they are forgotten and eliminated in a blink of an eye, but anything genuine and classic will stand the test of time and never fade away.

Roy Cheng, a Hong Kong local artist, has fallen in love with basketball and NBA since the Chicago Bulls golden era in the 1990s. He creates oil paintings with NBA players as the main theme, capturing his profound sentiments for the players in each artsy brush-stroke. Taking inspiration from the striving experiences and dedication of the players, he expresses the spirit of sportsmanship through oil paintings, triggering emotions from basketball fans and viewers alike.

Follow him on Instagram: @roychengartworks