21 Feb ‑ 5 Mar 2014 (everyday)

IFC: $90 (bc member $76) / Broadway Cinematheque: $70 ($56)
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Presented by EU office to Hong Kong and Macao and in association with the Broadway Cinematheque, European Union Film Festival (EUFF) 2014 will be held from 21 February to 5 March 2014 in Broadway Cinematheque and Palace IFC. EUFF is gradually becoming one of the major events among Hong Kong movie lovers. It brings them a chance to enjoy the very best of cinema from 16 European countries, ranging from France, UK, Italy to Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Romaniaetc, providing Hong Kong audience the best films of their countries. Topics of these 16 films varies from fatal illness, gay & lesbian, youthhood, fetishism, classics, family……every film is chosen due to their representativeness and controversiality, and is a reflection of the local culture. Most of them are award-winning films, and received many positive reviews from all over the world.

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