1 May ‑ 4 Sep 2014 (everyday) 10am ‑ 10pm (12 hours)
11-17 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong

Sometimes mundane objects could reveal interesting and aesthetic patterns in unexpected settings. They hold our attention when beautifully captured by the discerning eye and affect the perception of an image in a viewer's mind. The viewer naturally seeks out patterns to make sense of the world.

This exhibition features 27 photos by 7 local and international photographers and explores the concept of time and space within the context of objects and patterns. Perspectives, similarity and contrast often echo through the exhibition. Some photos provoke thoughts and reveal aspects of modern life in our fast-growing city which can be depicted through tall buildings and the pace of passers-by. Other photos uncover objects such as a rusty wok and a broken push cart dumped on the roadside after serving out their perceived usefulness. We pay tribute to them for their past contributions.

Participating in this exhibition are Michelle Chan, Karen Choi, Irene Flanhardt, Carol Lee, Marissa Reyes, Calvin Sit and Jimmy Tsang. This group consists of professional and freelance photographers who have exhibited in various exhibitions locally or overseas.