4 Sep ‑ 5 Oct 2014 (everyday) 10am ‑ 10pm (12 hours)
18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong Hong Kong
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K11, a unique venue that integrates art into commerce, has established itself as an avid supporter of art since its inception in 2009. Unlike other shopping locations, K11 offers a creative platform for artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs to display their works. As this year marks its 5th anniversary, K11 will host a grand celebration event “5th ARTiversary – In Art We Live” between 4 September and 5 October.

11 Local Students’ Encounters
Keen to promote local art and nurture young local artists by providing them with a creative platform to appreciate art and exhibit their works, K11 will present a long-running exhibition, “11 Local Students’ Encounters”, showcasing paintings and graphic design works by 11 students.

The Design Feisty거침없이 한국디자인
Between 5 September and 12 October, the multidisciplinary art exhibition “The Design Feisty거침없이 한국디자인” will be held at K11, the 13 participating Korean artists are Choi Dusu, Lee Wan, Yoon Kalim, De-Bang and Hur Boree, etc. Most of the creations, which come in a wide array of styles, have been converted from furniture pieces or everyday items into highly creative, playful and even outlandish artworks.

More Than A Toy Exhibition
From 4 September to 25 September, the internationally renowned toy design brands Tokidoki (Italy), Coarse (Germany) , Stack and Scare (America), Nathan Jurevicius (Australia), Qee and NO2GOOD (Hong Kong) will present their designs in “More Than A Toy Exhibition” at K11. Visitors will be treated to more than 60 series of toys and figures, with styles ranging from classic to contemporary to playful. Some of the exhibits have never been displayed before and will definitely catch the eyes of toy fans.

“5th ARTiversary Design Special” Exhibition
K11 has always supported the development of local artists, and provide valuable opportunities for them to express some important messages through exhibitions. K11 specially invited 3 local art units that have been nurtured by KAF to create the “5th ARTiversary Design Special” Exhibition. They include Pengguin, Stickyline, and Kay Kwok, the first Hong Kong menswear designer who unveiled his work during London Fashion Week. The exhibition will showcase a series of creative art works to express their blessings to K11 at the mall’s showcases on G/F, L1 and L2.

Design Mart 2014 @ K11
Meanwhile, the widely popular Design Mart will return to K11 as Design Mart [email protected], to be co-organised by K11 and the Hong Kong Design Centre between 26 and 28 September. As a weekend design carnival, the event will provide an open platform for innovative entrepreneurs in Hong Kong to promote original designs. Designers, artists and young graduates specializing in art or design are welcome to take part and show their original design works to the public. On 28 September, BeCandle and Jungle In A Bottle will also host workshops to teach how to create candles of different shapes and a jungle in a bottle.

Ink Battle 2014
To mark its 5th ARTiversary, K11 will present Ink Battle 2014 on 27 September under the theme of "Carnival Rhapsody: 5th Movement". It is not only a celebration event, but also a programme designed to encourage art lovers to make art via a free platform. Among the participants will be local art groups Brainrental and MOM AND POP, respectively founded by a group of young people with a passion for art and design. They will use different painting materials to create artworks and interact with each other. Members of the public can also get to vote for their favorite art piece and have a playful and artistic weekend.