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1 Apr 2013 (Mon),
4 Apr 2013 (Thu),
1 May 2013 (Wed),
17 May 2013 (Fri) noon ‑ 5:30pm (5 hours 30 minutes)

More than 40 miniature models of Hong Kong scenes by 6 artists are now on show in this gallery until 26 May 2013. Miniature art originated from Europe dating back to the 18th Century. Doll houses were often found in the houses of the imperial and rich families as well as the nobles in Europe. After the First World War, London citizens bequeathed Queen Mary of the United Kingdom a doll house inside which other than the magnificent decoration of the sitting rooms and the chambers, there is a small room surrounded by iron branches. In the room a crown scepter is housed and the imitation is high. The author of Peter Rabbit, Miss Potter collected a doll house in a small house by a lake. The house was built in accordance with the design of her deceased fiancé and it has been preserved up to now. Today miniature art has extended to the United States, Japan and other parts of Asia. There are even museums specially to showcase miniature models. By international standards, the most common ratio in designing a scene is 1:12.