Promote Events

Promote Events

To further promote your event on Timable, we can increase the exposure by prioritizing the event to the top of listing, showing it as a banner, covering it as an advertorial or broadcasting via Facebook, Instagram, eDM and in-app push messages.

Event Listing

Every pubic event can be listed on Timable (while terms apply). To stand out from all events under the same searching criteria, you can sponsor the event to prioritize it to the top or make it "event of the day". Please note that only events meeting the searching criteria will be listed under search result, no matter the event is sponsored or not.

Social Media

We do have a number of channels in social media as an alternative way to reach our audience including Facebook and Instagram while there are sub-pages on Facebook for specific topic too, so that we can cover your event to both mass or a specific target audience.

Display Ads

For those non-event advertisers, we provide display ad space inside our website and apps. The dimension of our available ad space are the common ones. For event advertisers, we strongly recommend you choose the native ad format, i.e. the event listing.

Push Messaging

Among our over 600k mobile app users and 130k eDM subscribers, we can help push your message directly to them calling for action. Push messaging is effective because some busy hongkongers don't event have the time to plan and look for what they want.