OULAMII SOOJ 英語名稱為 「ALL STARS」,於 1995年在非洲加納特馬 (Tema) 成立,致力於各地推動西非文化。現役團員超過30人,曾應邀到訪世界各地等地演出,擁有豐富演出經驗。

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OULAMII SOOJ 英語名稱為 「ALL STARS」,於 1995年在非洲加納特馬 (Tema) 成立,致力於各地推動西非文化。現役團員超過30人,曾應邀到訪世界各地等地演出,擁有豐富演出經驗。

OULAMII SOOJ是亞洲唯一於非洲加納官方文化機構 Centre for National Culture 註冊的藝術團體。加納音樂以強勁鼓樂節拍帶領現場氣氛,其歌曲及舞蹈盡視聽之娛外亦包含其歷史及文化意義,並非單純娛樂表演。


OULAMII SOOJ was founded in Tema, Ghana since 1995. It means “ALL STARS” in Ghanaian language. The group has been travelling around the world to promote their distinct culture of West Africa through series of performances and workshops relating to African music, dance and cultural experiences.

In recent years, OULAMII SOOJ has come all the way to Hong Kong to present its own unique performance style. It is also the only group in the region officially registered in the Centre for National Culture, Ghana, Africa.

The use of musical instruments and body parts, the powerful dances as well as the beautiful songs presents a special visual and sensational experience to the audiences. Every move expresses the unique cultural significance; it is more than simply an entertainment.

We are to ensure that all the participants are fully absorbed into the African culture!

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