Our Partners

Yahoo! Hong Kong 雅虎香港

Samsung GALAXY Apps

Cyberport 數碼港


Chasing Culture 楚城文化


We are finding more partners!

1) Advertizers

Uploading events to Timable is free. If you want your events being promoted even better, talk to us to make your events more eye-catching and in a higher ranking so that more users can see your events. Moreover, we provide different solutions for your promotion like Timable Special Page, Banner Ad and Crazy Ad, Recommendation in Facebook channel, etc. If you have any more ideas, please do talk to us as well. Let’s make impossible possible in this emerging social networking media.

Advertizing Contact: <[email protected]>

2) Press

Press Release: <[email protected]>

3) Organizers

Timable being the platform with most entertainment information and widest range, it certainly acts as the role of media as well. Timable has reported and interviewed concerts, dramas, exhibitions and mall activities etc. And it has been the promotion media for big events like the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Among thousands of events, Timable highlights events through interviews and reports so that our users will be attracted to your event from plenty of events.

Media Contact: <[email protected]>

4) Content Partners

Good platform needs good information. Among the categories in Timable, please talk to us if you are experts of one of the categories. You can upload your content to Timable and if it’s sufficient, you can be the major content provider of that category with a link back to your own website, which is win-win.

Partnership Contact: <[email protected]>

5) Publishers

We are developing open APIs for event listing and alpha version is coming soon. Please check out Timable APIs for details.

Partnership Contact: <[email protected]>

6) Individuals

Being a loyal Timable user, do you want to grow with Timable together? We do need enthusiastic and visionary personnel to help us developing Timable. You may help us publishing events, contacting the media and online promotion etc. We look forward to working with every passionate friend!

Individual Contact: <[email protected]>

7) Investors

Money supports the operations of a good web site. For servers, product development and marketing etc, all of these need capital to sustain. While Timable is of huge potential, early investment would bring absolutely good return of investment to the investors. We do hope the entrepreneurs and angel investors who want to develop the creative technology business in Hong Kong can help Timable moving forward to the next stage.

Investment Contact: <[email protected]>