Tips for Users

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Tips for Event Organizers

#1 Register & Login

To upload events to Timable, you need "a Timable Organizer Account". And then "Sign In".

#2 Add an Event

After signing in, click "my events" under the top-right user menu (desktop version), and you will see a list of events that you have added before (if any).
Select "Add an Event".

#3 Input Event Information

Event name, time and venue are mandatory fields.

#4 Take Care of "Timing"

Timable offers accurate and flexible time input method to cater various situations.

4.1 Single Event
Provide start time and end time of the event (e.g. 1-July-2013 10pm to 2-July 1am).
If only date but no specific time being available (e.g. memorial days, 24-hour online activities), please check "whole day" option.

4.2 Repeating Event
Provide start time and end time of first occurrence of the event, check "repeat" option.
Define end date of repeating period and repeating pattern in the expanded fields.
(e.g. repeat until 21-July, Mon to Fri, except Tue)

4.3 Venue and Address
Input name of venue. Any related existing venues will be displayed.
If you pick an existing venue, corresponding address and map will be shown automatically.

You may also provide an address manually, or check "use map" option and drag the mark on map and adjust zoom level.
Best address format: Street Number < Street < District < City
For example: 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
In case of no address available, please leave the "Address" field blank and fill the "Venue" field only.
Venue can also be presented in other forms, like "Anywhere", "Online", "Hotline", etc.

4.4 Another Time Period
If the event is going to happen during more than one time period (e.g. 1-July-2013, 8 to 11pm, and 3-July, 3 to 6pm),
please click the "+" sign in order to add another time period.
The way to fill in the second time period is exactly the same as that for the first one.

A new venue and address can be adopted for different time periods.
(default venue for new time period is the same as previous time period)
Uncheck the "ditto" option, and you can provide new venue and address in the expanded fields.

A maximum of 4 pairs of time period and venue are allowed for each event.

#5 Additional Information

For events which require a fee, uncheck "free admission" option and fill in the fee description.
The "walk-in" option is applicable for events that the public may physically attend, with free admission or ticket purchase at the door.
Other information includes event details, URL, phone number, email, YouTube link, etc.

#6 Category and Tagging

Please choose the most suitable category for your event, and provide keywords related to the event in the tag field, seperated by commas.
For example "drama, opera, Chicago, Broadway".
Tags may drastically increase the chance of your event being searched and displayed, and therefore the promotion effectiveness as well.

#7 Publish

Click "add", to finish the event adding process.
(in case there is any problem with validation of information, please follow the error messages for correction and retry)
Your event will be published automatically after verification by Timable.
If you want your event to be published later, uncheck "public" option temporarily.

#8 Update

When you finish adding an event, you will return to the "Manage Events" page, where the newly added event will appear.
To keep the event information updated, click "update" on the corresponding event record.

#9 Upload Images

To upload images for your event, finish the event adding process first. And then click "update".
The uploading tool is available at bottom of the page. You may upload a maximum of 6 images for an event.
(image format must be either .jpg, .gif or .png)

One of the uploaded images will be used as "thumbnail" for visual display in search results.

To select an image as thumbnail, click "use as thumbnail".
(the best width-height ratio for thumbnail images is around 1:1)

Under each of the uploaded images, there will be a tag, like <pic1>。
Copy this tag, paste it within the "details" field, and you will be able to control the position to display the image.