Tips for Users

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Tips for Advanced Event Uploaders and Advertisers

#1 The shorter the duration, the higher priority for being searched

Timable offers higher priority for being searched to events with shorter duration,
in order to avoid uploaders from lengthening an event increasing the possibility for being searched.

Certainly, uploaders need not to shorten the duration of the event.
We strongly believe that entering the true duration would achieve highest searching efficiency.

#2 Tag your events properly

Proper tags make more efficient search by users and increases the chance of being shown with higher priority in search results.

Entering dedicated tags, like "Concert", links your event with the Categories, like "Music",
and, at the same time, allows your event being searched by users directly through keyword searching.

#3 Preview of event details will be displayed in search result

For a tidy layout, Timable shows only the opening portion of event details in thumbnail boxes of search result.
Therefore, we suggest putting the more attractive wordings at the beginning of the details.

#4 Additional Promotion
Corresponding to specific advertising and marketing targets, we offer various promotion services,
such as Priority Event, Timable Special Page, Banner Ad and Crazy Ad, Campaign via our Social Media Channels, etc.
Please contact <[email protected]> for a tailor-made package.