Tips for Users

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Tips for General Users

#1 Using "Time" as Major Searching Criterion

Timable is an event searching platform based on time.
Different from normal searching by categories and keywords, Timable emphasizes "date & time" as the major searching criterion.
This ensures only up-to-date events being displayed, and allows you to look up activities happening during specific time period.
Certainly, you may add keywords as well to make your search more effective.

#2 Categorization

Timable has classified events into categories like Music, Arts, etc.
More prevalent categories will be available in future.

#3 Search Digest

After events are being searched, you will see a "summary" consisting of keywords about the search result.
This summary allows you to:
1. Understand what is happening within the specific time period.
2. Narrow your search by clicking on one of the keywords.

#4 Sharing via Social Media

If you found an interesting event and would like to tell your friends via social media, you can make use of the widgets on the top-left of event details.
You may also share any "search result" via social media, which facilitates event organizing with friends!