2 ‑ 16 Apr 2016 (every Tue to Sat) 4 ‑ 9pm (5 hours)
3 ‑ 17 Apr 2016 (every Sun) 4 ‑ 8pm (4 hours)
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'Time Machine' is the first individual exhibition of artist Ricky Luk (humchuk). The exhibited collection includes 35 paintings and a desk and chair set that he has decorated based on his thoughts about the Time Machine. The exhibition's concept is based on the true story of Nicky, the director of tgt Gallery; the artworks formed with simple lines and structures present scenes and stories from the past and future that are brought back by the Time Machine. Standing in front of the exhibition, the audience will feel like they are opening windows after windows; Ricky's art is asking questions that will make everyone re-think their present.

Ricky Luk,(humchuk),graduated with a Masters degree in Architecture Design from the University of Hong Kong in 2012. He quit his job at 2014 to make “life” his full-time career. At other times he creates art work. In the same year, he started to collect tales from the streets, to trade his paintings for real stories from ordinary people. He started different art projects dedicated to reminding people to cherish every moment and to realise the values of their ordinary life. At the end of 2015, He published the illustrated book “If only we – had met – but won’t meet again …… ”