16 May ‑ 2 Jun 2013 (everyday) 5 ‑ 7pm (2 hours)
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A set of sculptures made from discarded materials and found objects with an aged patina. Metal pieces and driftwood carefully arranged, the elements that make up these artworks are mostly unaltered from their original shape. Off-cuts from metalwork jobs were collected and became rusty awaiting transformation. These are abstract artworks suggesting landscapes and other natural forms with muted colours and an environmental message. The processes of manufacture, marks and scratches still visible, the textures, shadows and sounds created augment the stories and become part of the work.

About Three, the artist:
Three began making street art in 1995, carving spirals in wet cement found on Hong Kong's streets, moving on to create small cement sculptures that are glued to the wall. These street art sculptures contain embedded objects and aggregates collected from various sources, some of the first batch installed in 2003 still remain in situ, often unnoticed amongst the busy surroundings. Preferring less frequented or uncared for locations other methods used have been stencils and number 3s shaped from metal re-bar. Three is a trained artist has been involved in several exhibitions and has also worked as designer, sculptor and antiques restorer.