6 May ‑ 10 Jun 2017 (everyday) 1 ‑ 7pm (6 hours)
香港黃竹坑道44號盛德工業大廈 8/F B
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This exhibition presents the latest Gonzalez’ drawings. His self-portraits seems to dig out, beyond the shape of the face and the function of its various parts -present and precisely functional, the madness, the fear, the incongruous -hidden but strongly anchored- in his -our- soul. Surprisingly, his landscapes show the same burden. Beyond the natural forms, what does this tree, this lake, this shadow, this sky really shows, once passed to the filter of our spirit? Like a glove turned over, his works allow us to glimpse, with delight, humour yet fright, what lies deep inside. A part of soul.