21 Jun 2017 (Wed) 8:30pm ‑ midnight (3 hours 30 minutes)
中環德已立街38-44號 好利商業大廈 2/F
$880(Week Pass) / $180 / $120
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Wrecked Wednesday - Punk night

Why wait for Friday to get wrecked? We’ve got your Wednesday covered with one of Hong Kong’s most underappreciated scenes, right in the heart of the city. That’s right, Punk’s not dead, and it’s coming to you with the irreverent Defiant Scum, the boisterous lads of Oi Squad, the impeccably powerful The Squawk, and none other than Two Finger Salute to see you off at the end. So dig out that old leather jacket and get ready for a night that just keeps on going — a once-in-the-year afterparty will be announced during the evening!

Band Rundown
Two Finger Salute
不平之鳴 the squawk
Oi Squad
DEFIANT SCUM - Hong Kong Street Punk
Ticketflap | public sale
9 May 2017 (Tue) 9am onward