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彼岸觀自在V「酷兒時代」香港節目: 展覽「壞軀體」
BOTH SIDES NOW V "Queer" Programmes in Hong Kong: Exhibition ”Bad Bodies”

「壞軀體」由本地策展人俞迪祈策劃,由5月13日- 6月30日於Tomorrow Maybe藝術空間舉行,從另一角度回應彼岸觀自在V的意念,展出六位藝術家莊偉、葉惠龍、Eisa Jocson、Mary Maggic、Rob Crosse及Samak Kosem的錄像及媒體作品。
策展人以彼岸觀自在V的主題「酷兒」為靈感,從軀體角度詮釋酷兒。Bad bodies非指低等的身體,而是指推翻主流所認同的身體形象,抗衡對性別的狹窄定義,大膽展露酷兒叛逆精神!

Curated by Hong Kong-based curator Nick Yu, the exhibition at art space Tomorrow Maybe takes inspiration from and gives interpretation of the theme “Queer”. Video artworks from Eisa Jocson, Isaac Chong Wai, Ip Wai Lung, Mary Maggic, Rob Crosse and Samak Kosem are selected under the theme “Bad Bodies”. “Bad” shall not be interpreted as of poor quality here, but of the non-conformist that resists the society’s normalisation of body image. The exhibition will showcase how queer people overthrow narrow understandings of gender identity and regain their autonomy fearlessly with their idea of bad bodies.


If society normalizes our bodies to make sure we are good, we’d rather revel in badness. Just as life has by chance evolved by hacking genealogy with bad copies, we will use our bad bodies to hack the patriarchy, heteronormativity and more.

Artists 藝術家
Isaac Chong Wai 莊偉 - Equilibrium No.6 - Distance 平衡6-距離
Rob Crosse - Prime Time
Ip Wai Lung 葉惠龍 - Qingdao Lotus Pond 青島蓮花池
Eisa Jocson - Princess Studies
Samak Kosem - Neverland
Mary Maggic - Housewives Making Drugs; Molecular Queering Agency

圖片來源 Image Courtesy:
Samak Kosem
2017/ 13'02"
in collaboration with Narasit Kaesaprasit and Anuwat Apimukmongkon

合辦 Co-presenters: Eaton HK, Videoclub, Videotage
網站 Website: http://both-sides-now.org