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Everyone is invited to get active and enjoy the weekend fun of HSBC Life badminton activities promoting health and wellness in Hong Kong

This autumn, get outside and join the HSBC Life “Badminton Experience Tour”! In line with its vision of promoting health and wellness in the community, HSBC Life is bringing a series of interactive badminton-themed activities to Hong Kong, so everyone can enjoy this fun and highly accessible sport.

Don’t miss the upcoming weekends of fun at the HSBC Life “Badminton Experience Tour”, taking place across three districts in September and October:

The “Badminton Experience Tour” is connecting HSBC Life to the community and encouraging more people in Hong Kong to pick up a racquet, have fun and stay active. With a theme of “behind every racquet is a sincere promise”, this year’s “Badminton Experience Tour” is a sequel to the popular 2018 HSBC Life badminton activation, in support of the Group’s partnership with the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

Engagement activities include:

AirBadminton: A new outdoor game jointly launched by HSBC and BWF, AirBadminton with the AirShuttle is available for the public to try, with quick-fire 5-minute rounds for four players per game.

Let’s Play Coaching Clinic: A professional coaching session is available to event participants, with a maximum of eight participants per class – sign up early to guarantee a spot. There are four sessions per day, starting from noon.

Shuttle Speed Challenge: Participants can test their smash speed with special HSBC Life racquets, equipped with speed sensors and hooked up to a mobile device to capture speed scores. Scores will be posted on the leaderboard at each roadshow, with rewards for the final top five players in November.

Drop Shot Challenge: Participants can see how their badminton aiming skills stack up, by hitting the shuttlecock into designated targets.

Racquet Makeover: At the HSBC Life DIY art station, visitors can bring in their own badminton racquet and create a customised design.

Popcorn Giveaway: Participants can redeem fresh popcorn through following HSBC’s Facebook Page or share the specified Facebook post.

Photo Opportunities: Don’t miss the photo ops with the iconic red HSBC Life kombi van, giant shuttlecock and giant racquet.

HSBC Life invites everyone to get active and enjoy the weekend fun of HSBC Life “Badminton Experience Tour” promoting health and wellness in Hong Kong. All participants will be eligible to redeem HSBC Life’s specially designed gifts upon their participation in the activities.