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Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
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#ddMotion - Walala Playspace
Date: 8.1.2020 to 3.3.2020
Venue: Victoria Park, 1 Hing Fat Street Causeway Bay
London designer Camille Walala is transforming Victoria Park into a whimsical and visually impactful London mansion. The imaginative installation is a celebration of British pop culture. In the park, you will also find AR experiences created by Hong Kong creative studio Hattrick Creative. The cluster of works is giving the urban oasis a surprising touch and defying the stereotype of playspace, pushing the boundaries of play.

Walala Mansion
Date: 8.1.2020 to 28.1.2020
Camille Walala has turned the LED screen at the park’s Causeway Bay entrance into the mansion’s gate with her signature vibrant colours, versatile geometry and bold dot patterns. You can start at the fountain, which is spruced up by Memphis-inspired graphic latticework. Continue along the green courtyard stroll to the Central Lawn to find the 13-metre-tall inflatable Walala Mansion and the playful furniture pieces scattered around it. The work offers an unruly yet amusing playspace for the public amid the urban hustle, delightfully contrasting with the modern office towers and residential blocks in the neighbourhood.

Hearty Rendezvous
Date: 8.1.2020 to 3.3.2020
Hattrick Creative further enhanced the garden of the mansion with an Augmented Reality (AR) interactive experience Hearty Rendezvous. With a simple scan using your smartphone, you will discover surprises hidden in the mansion.

About Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK)
Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK) celebrates authentic culture and creativity by spicing up our city, especially in Wan Chai and Sham Shui Po district, where public design works can be found all across the areas during the 3-year project period. These works will appear at different spots and change from time to time. They are the epitome of community collaborations, social conversations and participatory design. These original multidisciplinary designs, traditional craftworks and authentic street events will link up and elevate the tourist attractions and landmarks in the neighbourhood. They will enrich the daily experience of locals and tourists with a fresh take on local history and creativity.

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