2 ‑ 10 Nov 2019 (everyday) noon ‑ 6pm (6 hours)

V54 駐留藝術家 Merijn Kavelaars 個展

來自荷蘭阿姆斯特丹的視覺藝術家 Merijn Kavelaars, 擅長運用鮮明色彩、隨性線條及多樣圖形於繪畫作品,喜歡以混合色澤與獨創字形,回應到訪城市給他的感官與心靈衝擊!

「知遇.未知 — Merijn Kavelaars 旅藝紀錄」是藝術家駐留V54的最新創作展覽。觀眾將透過藝術家全新油畫及繪圖,進入以色彩及形象建構的探索空間,經歷對既熟悉又陌生的環境、場域以至社區的再生體悟,感受以多層次的筆觸,描繪在不同文化背景的觀眾視線下,豐富多元的大同世界。

現場亦保留 Kavelaars 工作室的部份原貌,讓參觀者親歷駐留藝術家的生活與創作面貌,進一步瞭解在陌生城市裡,如何透過畫筆及意念,融會在饒富歷史與故事的建築空間,並透過展覽及導賞與本地社群對話及交流。

With exuberant colors, insouciant lines and abstract intoxication throughout the various spaces of V54, Merijn Kavelaars invites the viewers into a rare and strange process to get to know / unknow a new place. The heart of the exhibition is about celebrating diverse culture and unleashed creativity, and most importantly how art making (un)reacts to an alien environment.

As a visual artist with an international background, Kavelaars has traveled intensively and has had exhibitions hosted across the globe. Achieving more and more control throughout the countless art trips and endeavors, he firmly believes that visitors can choose to, or not to engage with the existing environment and to which degree. Unlike many of the Minimalistic masters whose works are judged by a consciousness that the works of art are inevitably connected to existing space and are even turning into it, Kavelaars’ canvases and papers spring out of the decision that the connection is carefully measured or rejected.

The show will be featuring a series of Kavelaars’ most recent oil paintings and paper works that will dive deeper into his artistic experience while being in residency in V54 artist residency program; his onsite studio will be involved as part of the exhibition presentation to offer a rare peek of an artist at work.

1. 展品導賞 Guided Tour
2-3.11.2019 (Sat-Sun) / 3:00-4:00PM

2. 開放工作室 Open Studio
9-10.11.2019 (Sat-Sun) / 2:00-4:00PM

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