26 Sep 2020 (Sat) 10am ‑ next day 6am (20 hours)

S4A - "Cultural Identity Ambassador" Project (CIA) 小莎翁文化探索大使計劃 is open for enrolment now! Welcome students who are between Age 9 to 15 (especially from Ethnic Minority groups) .
CIA is a 3-month programme for Students who wish to explore the cultural heritage and different communities around Hong Kong. Through interacting with local people and collect interesting stories, students will be the masters of their own creative works. Using the information, they have gathered, the students will then devise and perform their own plays with the help of our tutors.Upon completion, the students would take part in a Camp and get certificate after participating in Drama Performance in November.
Project Date: Late September to November 2020 (Weekends)
Target Student: Age 9-15 Students
Application form: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jxcFK3NqQooAE00Xpues3CXV52UrXFpW/view?usp=sharing
Application Deadline: 15 August 2020
Programme Fee: Free
Email: [email protected]

關於香港小莎翁文化探索大使計劃 (CIA) " 免費的訓練計劃:
此計劃由香港南區扶輪社贊助,讓 9-15 歲學生於3 個月內去探索香港的不同歷史與社群,透過與他們互動和進行有趣的資料搜集,學生將成為自己作品的創作大師!透過互動、資料搜集及導師的協助,學生將分工合作去演繹他們的創作! 這是一個不能錯過的機會!
計劃日期: 2020年9月至11月 (週末)
參加對象:9 -15歳 學生
報名表格: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jxcFK3NqQooAE00Xpues3CXV52UrXFpW/view?usp=sharing
費用 : 全免
電郵:[email protected]