11 Jul 2020 (Sat) 2:30 ‑ 4pm (1 hour 30 minutes)
No.8 St Francis St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
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In the hot summer days of July, Maison Huit and wagashi brand ‘Hiyappon’ (百本) will co-host a fun and cooling workshop, bringing you on a journey of making wagashi, pairing it with ceramics and appreciating the subtle change of seasons.

Wagashi is a kind of traditional Japanese confectionery that is often referred to as the ‘flowers of Japanese food culture’ and is also closely related to Sado (Tea Ceremony) and ceramic art. Wagashi, Sado and ceramics all share a profound history in Japan, showing craftsmanship, heritage and a very wabi-sabi kind of aesthetics. Maison Huit has invited the founder of wagashi brand ‘Hiyappon’ (百本) to introduce the history and making of ‘Jo Namagashi’, which is a very soft and delicate kind of wagashi, while Maison Huit’s curator will talk about how to pair wagashi with different ceramic pieces, taking seasons, colors and ingredients into account.

Sakura, Ume and Kiku are flowers that are often used as motifs in wagashi making. On this particularly hot summer day, let’s make, appreciate and taste a little fallen sakura and white chrysanthemum.
Students will make 4 pieces of wagashi in the shape of 24-petal chrysanthemum and fallen sakura. Instructor will demonstrate making a more complicated 32-petal chrysanthemum.

About Hiyappon and its founder: Founder of Hiyappon apprenticed to a number of Japanese wagashi teachers and completed his training with certificates and endorsement of the teachers. He slowly develops his own wahashi style through continuous exploration and experiment. In 2018, he founded Hiyappon to promote the art of wagashi in Hong Kong, hoping to bring the beauty and culture to his hometown.

Date & Time: 11 July 2020, 2:30 - 4 pm
Participation Fee: HK$400 per head (full payment is required to reserve seat)
Payment method: Bank deposit/PayMe/Cash in person
Venue: Maison Huit | G/F, No. 8A St Francis Street
Inquiry: [email protected] / 852 2520 0281

* A minimum of 5 participants are required for this event. Event will be cancelled or postponed if fewer than 5 participants register. We will arrange full refund to registered parties if event has to be cancelled.
** To ensure hygiene and safety of all participants, all used equipment will be thoroughly sanitized before the event. All participants are required to wear masks during the event and only take off their masks during wagashi tasting