26 Jun 2021 (Sat) 8 ‑ 9pm (1 hour)
27 Jun 2021 (Sun) 3 ‑ 4pm (1 hour)
150 (Concessions available)
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The fourth edition of Freespace’s collaborative research and experimentation programme Choreographer and Composer Lab continues to bring professional artists together to explore new approaches to composition in music and dance and develop partnerships.

The two groups of this year’s artists are: choreographer Mao Wei, trained in Chinese dance and contemporary dance, and street musician Hakgwai, who specialises in indigenous instruments; and contemporary dance artist/photographer Terry Tsang King-fai with the musician pair – bassist Jonathan Yang and lead singer Laujan from post-punk band David Boring.

Participating Choreographers:
Mao Wei
Terry Tsang King-fai

Participating Composers:
Jonathan Yang

Tickets available from 26 May 2021.