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Meg Ho and Holly Poon perceive the changes in their environment, and trigger them to explore the transformation of the nature and value of things after they are driven in.
Meg found the issues that reflected the concerns of the society at the time from the comprehension of the primary in the 1990s. What is interesting is how the content affects their growth. In order to increase students’ comprehension and interest in reading, hand-drawn illustrations are usually followed. And what will be the development of the characters and stories in those illustrations today?
When Holly was studying art in Scotland, she was surrounded by a land of nature, which prompted her to recall the natural landscape of the city and explore the connection between nature and humans. In Chinese philosophy, "Heaven and man are one", and man is a part of nature. However, since ancient times, mankind has formulated various ordinances and systems, and gradually deviated from nature. Holly's work engage the audience question that the nature has been distorted since human intervention, and what role people should play.

The Artists
Meg Ho received her master degree from Chinese University of Hong Kong. She works on installation and mixed media. Her artworks explore the questions of specified circumstances, identities and relationships of social changes in HK. Also, her works has been exhibited in Fringe Club,Joint Publishing HK, Cattle Depot and JCCAC.

Holly Poon is an artist based in Hong Kong and Scotland. Currently studying in Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. Her interests are in the exploration of connection between nature and mankind. Her art projects usually start with collecting imagery, objects, sounds from daily-life experience, ranging from urban landscapes, running water, to even rust and cracks. Her medium has mostly been acrylic and oil on canvas but she has discovered painting with Chinese ink. Fluid painting has been a new technique that she applied to her creation.