13 Nov 2021 (Sat) noon ‑ 8pm (8 hours)
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Due to countless reasons, the hope for Hong Kong Pride Parade 2021 to hold parades and rallies is still impossible to come true this year. Yet, the steps we are taking for LGBT individuals to not to be discriminated against and to receive equal treatment in society should not be stopped.

Therefore, we have incorporated bazaar elements in our activity this year, bringing forth the new activity format of “Rainbow Market” to you. Just like we’ve always said, “Even though you weren’t courageous enough to set foot on the streets, even if we can't parade in the streets that day, there will always be a way to support the LGBT community!” This year, Hong Kong Pride Parade is returning in the format of a LGBT Rainbow Market, as we believe your participation and the support from different social groups are the keys to make Hong Kong more diverse and more LGBT friendly.

Introduction of the Rainbow Market activity:
This is an indoor market opened to the general public, the venue and activities that day will be split in three zones:
1. Market Zone - around 30 small booths of different types of LGBT supportive businesses
2. Stay in Love Zone - around 20 booths of sponsors, participating groups and the official activity booths of Hong Kong Pride Parade
3. Pride Zone - different types of rainbow art installations for photo taking
The theme for Hong Kong Pride Parade this year is “Stay in love”, and it will be organised in the new activity format of the Rainbow Market. May we meet each other again in this new activity format, may we never truly be apart, let’s meet in love and look towards seeing a bright future together.