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The duo exhibition - “Ripple” featuring two artists - Vianee Fernie from Manila, Philippines and Meevi Choi from Hong Kong, with experiences distinct from each other but both willing to embrace fragility through their art. Viewing their art, we can see contrastingly harmonic beauty in between. Both of them have spirals which reflect their trajectory of lives in their art pieces showcasing this time.

Life is an adventure to everyone. The path of our discovering journey can be tough and bumpy. We can have feelings of gloom or frustration while we can choose to express them, letting them imbue with woe, drench ourselves for a while until things slowly get back on track. Just as Vianee wrote in her poem describing the artwork “Expression after 48”,

“I hear silence
I hear the pause
It’s clear and crystal
water stream like tears
growing, aging, decaying

A light appealed
Cascading dark life
I become still
softly commanded
my tears to disappear. “

Both Vianee and Meevi love doing experimental trials in their art pieces. Like mixed-media work, abstract expressionist, and layering with collage or stacking rice paper one by one in order to fabricate an uneven surface, representing that life is imperfect. Just as Meevi described, “if I keep the pattern of inconsistent action, a balance will eventually be maintained. A perfect rhythm will thus be formed, like how everyone survives because life isn’t easy for the humans of this generation these years.”

Two of the artists presenting their work in this duo exhibition are drawn to progress of their painting discovering the status of mindfulness. In the “Feeling blue” series, Vianee wishes to depict her everyday challenges as a woman and seek to find calm during “MIND – is FULL – of everything – NESS’. She believes life is full of tasks that additional stress strived to convulse in our inner peace. In Meevi’s art piece - “Meditation”. She delineated an atmosphere “for humans to connect with nature and reach a calm soul, letting the consciousness wander between the subconscious, sometimes rippling”.

“The power of nature is constantly in our hands, and the color of freedom is waiting for us to embark on it. “Meevi said. “Mindfulness is the word I wanted to emphasize. As mindfulness defines a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging the emotions. “Vianee said.

We welcomed you to walk into Vianee and Meevi’s world, perceiving the ripple in their life. Letting yourself to drench in emotions and let softness of nature flow penetrate your soul for a moment when we are all living in a chaotic, disordered world. We hope this duo exhibition - “Ripple” can provide everybody a short break to embrace oneself.
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