16 Jan 2022 (Sun) 7 ‑ 8:10pm (1 hour 10 minutes)
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This program features music for string instruments, put together in different combinations like a bouquet of flowers. From the sleek beauty of the Handel-Halvorsen duo to the joyful Tchaikovsky sextet, this concert celebrates the violin, viola and cello.

Part of the Tai Kwun’s Prison Yard Festival: music from within.

HANDEL/ HALVORSEN Passacaglia for Violin and Cello
Dan Zhu (violin), Xin Shi (cello)

MAX VON WEINZIERL Nachtstück for 4 Violas, Op. 34
Andrew Ling (viola), Ringo Chan (viola), Yat Lee (viola), Born Lau (viola)

YORK BOWEN Fantasia for 4 Violas, Op. 41
Andrew Ling (viola), Ringo Chan (viola), Yat Lee (viola), Born Lau (viola)

TCHAIKOVSKY Souvenirs de Florence, Op. 70
Dan Zhu (violin), Kiann Chow (violin), Born Lau (viola), Ringo Chan (viola), Xin Shi (cello), Eric Yip (cello)
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