3 ‑ 22 May 2022 (except Mon) 10am ‑ 6pm (8 hours)
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Under the pandemic, sunrise and sunset emerge daily as usual, but in fact, a “Global Resonance” suddenly takes over that no one can be exempt from, it may be even a kind of “once in a lifetime incident, each individual is adapting to the happening in life according to one’s perception.

This series of works reveal an interesting visualization of revamping the traditional Chinese literati landscape painting into contemporary artwork, to review the possible artistic exploration of the artist’s thematic idea of “East meets west”. There are the conceptual & contextual reconstruction and regeneration of both subject and techniques on the canvas to portray the common elements of both the Chinese landscape painting and the ancient material culture of Cantonese opera costumes, like mountains, water boundaries, and auspicious clouds, then to scrutinize the rendering process of Chinese embroidery and western painting techniques and materials.