17 Aug 2022 (Wed) 8 ‑ 10pm (2 hours)
5 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong
$340, $260, $180
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“Concert – A Dialogue Between Jazz and Guangdong Music” is a crossover concert led by versatile music makers, with Chiu Tsang-hei as music advisor, Ng Cheuk-yin as one of the ensemble arranger, and international jazz guitarist Teriver Cheung as music director and one of the arrangers in the crossover ensemble session. Performing on this occasion are the local jazz chamber group Ensemble Transience and the homegrown Chinese chamber music ensemble, Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble. The programme covers a spectrum of Guangdong music, Jazz pieces, and new arrangements of Chinese and foreign classics, featuring the concert in a musical dialogue that would demonstrate the spirit of crossover music-making. Renowned musicians and performers are featured as guest artists for the crossover concert, including renowned conductor Ho Man-chuen, Yu Qiwei (gaohu), Tam Po-shek (dongxiao), Crisel Consunji (vocal), Bryan Lai (yangqin), Chan Pik-sum (erhu/gaohu), and Jason Kong (nanyin). The concert stage is going to be an exciting admixture of musical genres and tastes, demonstrating the unique charm of cultural exchange.

Photo Credit: Andrew Chester Ong

Photo Credit: Charlotte Lam
伍卓賢 (編曲)



左至右:余其偉(高胡)、譚寶碩(洞簫)、陳璧沁(高胡) 、賴應斌(揚琴)

姬素.孔尚治 (演唱)

江駿傑 (南音)

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