20 May ‑ 24 Jun 2023 (every Sun to Tue, Fri, Sat) 1 ‑ 6pm (5 hours)
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Stuff accumulates into a pond. Its surface lays still, and within it shapes and sizes filled. Each object amassed through life's daily mundaneness, some packaged, some exposed. Each assimilates into a large lump of sentimental sediment through never-ending submersion in the pool — slowly dissolving, dispersing, propagating and mumbling— enveloping all space in its endless expansion.

Fluids refuse to solidify, as solids once and again liquify. Everything dissolves into an unsalvageable mix of wetness and dryness.

The artistic team collected items from a stockpile cluttered at a home with the owner’s consent to cast their creative responses into forms. This exhibition investigates the time and space within the accumulated space. As tangible objects sink into intangible emotion and memories, we revisit the concept of “accumulation” as the result, the process and the experience — how an individual projects their facade and their interior. We journey through the possibility and difficulty of tidying oneself up. A plausible familiarity ripples through the surface as we gaze into the pond.

Participating Artists:
劉菁兒 Cathleen Lau
王嘉淳 Guyshawn Wong
劉家俊 Jay Lau
李心怡 Sum-Yi Lee
黃慧心 Winsome Dumalagan Wong

Opening Gathering:20.5.2023
Opening Time:3 - 6pm
*includes sound performance by Guyshawn Wong

Curator:Siu Tung
Coordinator:Tsz-Ching Yuen
Venue Partner:Wure Area
Partner:遊展 Excohk