7 ‑ 28 Mar 2014 (every Tue to Fri) 11am ‑ 7pm (8 hours)
8 ‑ 29 Mar 2014 (every Sat) noon ‑ 6pm (6 hours)
1/F 52 Gage Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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Voxfire Gallery, an independent art space which is founded in 2011, dedicated to showcasing thought-provoking works of art in various medium by local artists; Input/Output has actively showcased new media artworks from international artists since 2009; projects including with various science, technology and creativity, we target to bring in various cutting edges programmes to public space.

In 2014, Voxfire Gallery collaborates with I/O, co-curated the exhibition “Memento Mori”, each party invited a local artist to participate, being surrealist artist Sonya Fu (invited by Voxfire Gallery) and new media artist Alan Kwan (invited by I/O) respectively. “Memento Mori”, as a Latin phrase, represents an artistic and symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death. In the space of Voxfire Gallery, the artists interpret their views on death through their creative works.

In this exhibition, a series of digital paintings and an installation will be featured. Artists attempt to convey their views toward life and death by using different media meanwhile arousing audience reflection. One of Sonya Fu’s digital paintings ‘Blossom’, which symbolizes life as fascinating and temporary as flowers. The concept takes death as a vigilant reminding people to embrace the present moment instead of being terrified by the idea of death; and in his kinetic installation “Beating Clock”, Alan Kwan is trying to reactivate a heart from a dead animal and turns into a clock consisting of flesh and silicon by using mechanical device and computer program. He attempts to challenge people's impressions towards existence meanwhile questions the many contrived activities happening in the world we live in.

Opening Reception: March 7, 7pm - 10pm