28 ‑ 29 Nov 2014 (everyday) 6:30 ‑ 10:30pm (4 hours)
Lung Wo Road, Central, Hong Kong
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We invite you to bring your creativity, smile, laugh, and leave dull at home. It is the collective light and creativity of the thousands of participants that brings this event to life! You are coming to have fun and experience something magical and different. Look the part! If it is bright-colored, blinks, shines, glows, or looks like something from another planet, it's perfect! Put it on and come celebrate with us!

Each event is unique and features 5-7 lands and features. Depending on the event you participate in you may experience many of the following:
  • Glowing arches and columns
  • Glowing arches changing color in tempo
  • And so much more

Individuals and teams
You can join as individual, or call your friends, consisting of four or more people to join as a team. Each participant can enjoy more discount if participate as a team.

The goods
High quality cotton-polly event shirts custom designed by us. Shirts come in men's and women's cuts (that's right ladies, no baggy boy shirts for you!) | LED bracelet | Glow sunglasses

Finish Celebration
The lights and sounds will kick up a notch as you cross the finish line. Glowing arches and other lighting effects will all dance to the music celebrating your return. Stay and dance as DJs mix the latest tunes from the main stage.

We are passionate about creating an experience that is fun, energizing, and beautiful. And we believe everyone, no matter their age, should be able to experience incredible lights and music in an environment that is healthy and happy. Illegal drugs are not tolerated at Electric Run.

Alcohol is served to those 18 or above at most Electric Run Finish Celebrations, but we ask that you drink responsibly. We want to keep the atmosphere fun and healthy.
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11 Sep 2014 (Thu) 8pm onward