30 Sep 2014 (Tue) 8:30 ‑ 10:30pm (2 hours)
135, Junction Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
隨意付款 (入場前)
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由 Re-Records 與 Twenty Alpha 策劃的《聲樂噪》是一系列於校園空間探索全新體驗的音樂旅程 ,第11回呈獻《NOISE to SIGNAL 0.26 : Electric Borderland》。

奧地利實驗電子音樂人Tim Blechmann、北京的analogue punk樂團「蘇維埃波普」及來自本地的結他與擊鼓二人組「語言實驗室」帶來超越常規的電子科技模式的新混合電子音樂表演。

Tim Blechmann (奧地利)、蘇維埃波普 (北京) 及 語言實驗室 (香港)

Tim Blechmann (AT)
Tim Blechmann is an improviser and composer, using computer and loudspeakers as main instrument. His music is focused on static noise textures that are digitally generated and spatially projected in real-time. For live performances his preferred lineup is the duo with other improvising musician. Regular collaborators include Klaus Filip, Manuel Knapp, Seijiro Murayama and Conny Zenk among others.

Soviet Pop 蘇維埃流行 (CN)
A Sound-based Oscillator-Duo (Li Qing and Li Weisi), using analog synth and lo-fi equipments to make old sound in their first album The Dialogue. Now they`ve abandoned the keyboards, using only oscillators and patch cords, to play dirty oscillator punk songs. Sometimes they also play experimental compositions, pure noise or other nice shit.

The Language Lab 語言實驗室 (HK)
"The Language Lab" is a project led by visual designer Koo Park-kin and sound engineer Tse Kam-po. They believe that music is an inborn language and try to realize this by recording sonic experiments in varied environments. They would communicate in impromptu pieces with the unconventional use of musical instruments and audio equipment. They are convinced that a concert will come naturally in the process. Results from the current experiments show that this kind of music possesses features of such genres as movie soundtracks, avant-garde, dance, ethnic, rock and noise.