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Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present Hong Kong contemporary artist, Eastman Cheng Shuk Yee’s solo exhibition titled “Super Dots”. Known for her unique soft sculptures using fabric materials, “Super Dots” features a collection of hand-embroidered, mixed media works.

As Eastman meticulously embroiders hundreds and thousands of dots into repetitive, meditative formations, she interweaves history, meanings and emotions as well into the art works. Using different textures, colors and thread patterns, she utilizes a range of sewing techniques to create interesting visual effects and inject layers of meaning into her works to express her viewpoints concerning social issues that are close to her heart. Eastman’s consistent and innovative use of “soft materials” for her art through the years has given her works a unique and distinctive character.

Eastman graduated with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and Bachelor of Arts from the Department of Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009 and 2000 respectively. She has been featured in publications such as “Hong Kong Eye: Hong Kong Contemporary Art” and “Hong Kong Artists – 20 Portraits” and has several awards such as “Sovereign Annual Contemporary Asian Art” in 2004.

I begin with a dot as the starting point, through the process of addition and subtraction I progressively build up the final composition.

The dots represent different things and situations; sometimes they are eyes; other times they are symbols or representations of objects. This solo exhibition is a consolidation of my personal reflections about social issues in recent years relating to race, social class, and other national issues.

My works originate from common everyday objects, exploring these objects in relation to people’s daily life and extrapolating these relationships to make ideological social and nationalistic connections that are then woven into my art using different soft materials as the medium of expression.

Opening Reception with artist Eastman Cheng Shuk-yee
11 June 2015, Thursday, 6.00 - 8.30pm

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